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Rudder Adapter

The Adapter connects resistive angle sensors and sensors with 0-5V output voltage to NMEA 2000 and supplies NMEA 2000 autopilots, chart plotters and other devices with the rudder angle.

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The Device can be used with a rudder angle sensor with maximal resistance less than 400 Ohm, including European (10 to 180 Ohm range) or American (240 to 33 Ohm range) standard sensors, and with 0-5V voltage output sensors. You don't need to change anything in your current installation to add the Adapter. Seven-point calibration helps you avoid making mechanical adjustments. And it can be used standalone or together with digital gauges, or in parallel with most types of 12V analog gauges.

Connection schemes:

The Adapter can work together with a digital gauge, or in parallel with an existing analog gauge (2-coils and 1-coils gauges are supported). If you have a combined gauge where you choose the value to display with a button, the Adapter will smoothly work with it, too.

Rudder angle readings can be calibrated with up to 7 calibration points to compensate for non-linearity of the sensor's resistance value vs rudder angle.

The Adapter is equipped with a Micro SD card slot intended for configuration, firmware updates, diagnostics and data logging. No special software is required.

You only need a device (laptop or smartphone) with a MicroSD card reader and a simple text editor.

The Device is powered from the NMEA 2000 network and provides high voltage galvanic isolation between NMEA 2000 and sensor inputs.


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